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im not talking about the battle royal place.

The place is called the Alolan Pokemon League and it is found at the Battle Tree in Mount Lanakila.
According to this, anyway: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5uWAMwcRGmU
*haven't played the game so sorry if i'm horribly wrong*
Thanks! the only thing that's wrong is that it's on mount lanakila, it's near the poni gauntlet. you can post as an answer if you want!
You are horribly wrong, the Battle Tree is in the Poni Gauntlet
was a typo.


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The Battle Tree is the place where you can battle other Trainers. It is located in Poni Gauntlet in Poni Island, however when you're going there make sure to pack a lot of healing items since a lot of people will battle you and the battles aren't easy. 2 of the battles on your route to the Battle Tree are unavoidable (VS Dexio and VS Red OR Blue)

Also when you finish the game, Hau will come into your house and mention the Battle Tree too.

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