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Ok. So, I was in battle and used Spirit Shackle on Golisopod. (If you don't know, Spirit Shackle prevents the targets from escaping.) The move, with me being somewhat overleveled, knocked out over half of Golisopod's health. Emergency Exit let it escape, even though Spirit Shackle would've trapped it. Why didn't Spirit Shackle work?

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It was probably because Emergency Exit was a special case that Spirit Shackle doesn't account for.

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Emergency Exit is special because it allows Golisopod to wriggle out of any situation, regardless of what traps there are in battle(Arena Trap, Spirit Shackle, etc.) It basically lets Golisopod get a guaranteed escape/switch. My own Golisopod was hit by Mean Look during one battle I had with a friend, and was then hit by Thunder Punch. Golisopod barely survived and had managed to switch out because of Emergency Exit.

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Golisopod's ability Emergency Exit allows it to escape no matter the circumstance. For example, if you used Spirit Shackle there's no way to stop it from leaving, or if you use a move like mean look.

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