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I want a good item to help me with my usum playthrough (I'm at the part where I go to the beach and get the sharpedo ride) so would there be any good items for the remaining main story battles?

It doesn’t matter that much what items you use in a playthrough. Just give it something to boost the power of some of its moves (like a mystic water), or something like brightpowder.
Waterium Z and Buginium Z might also be helpful.

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Like sumwun said, STAB Z-Crystals like Buginium and Waterium will be helpful in taking down difficult opponents, (Champion, E4.)

You could also give it a different kind of attack boosting item like Insect Plate, Splash Plate, Mystic Water, Life Orb, etc. I wouldn't recommend Life Orb because of Golispod's need to conserve HP.

The best, (and in my opinion the coolest option,) is to give it a Sitrus Berry. This makes it regain HP before EE activates, allowing you to stay in play longer. In competitive, this might not be the best option, but on an in game team, switching is annoying and unnecessary.

Hope I could help!

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