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I’ve decided to replay USUM and I need a Normal type for my team. I can’t choose between Snorlax or Lopunny.

could you mention your other normal type pokemon on your team?
i would recommend snorlax, why?
because its super bulky and has more stats than lopunny but it lacks speed

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Since Brute Force is the best way to go in-game, I would recommend Snorlax over Lopunny. Snorlax has 34 more base Attack than Lopunny, moving it ahead in its damage output. While Lopunny is much faster, Snorlax has the bulk to last, further utilizing its higher Attack Stat. Both are equal in their availability as well. Snorlax has many coverage moves like Earthquake, Fire Punch, Iron Head, Crunch and many others like STAB in Body Slam. Due to thead advantages, I recommend Snorlax.

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