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The moveset I have right now for my Golisopod is…

  • First Impression
  • Aqua jet
  • Liquidation
  • Sucker punch

And I was wondering if I should replace Sucker Punch with Leech Life.

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What game are you asking about? What do you want to do with this Golisopod? Do you want to battle other people, in-game trainers, or something else?
Im Playing Ultra Sun, And its mainly for battling other players
Probably leech life, you already have two priority moves, both being stab.

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Okay so, here we go:
Type of Move: Both Physical, which Golisopod is excellent in.
BP: Leech life with 80, plus it's STAB(Same Type Added Bonus), which adds 50%
Accuracy: Tied
PP: Leech Life with 10
Sucker Punch does have Priority though, which is helpful with his low speed.

Special Effects: Leech Life wins, as Sucker Punch's Effect is actually bad, and Leech Life heals, which can be helpful to counteract it's bad ability Emergency Exit, plus if it's holding a big root, the health regen can be boosted, the only downside is with Liquid Ooze Pokemon, Tentacool and Tentacruel(Gulpin Line's not in Gen 7).

Typing effectiveness in general: Sucker Punch

So, when you add all this together, combined with the fact that there's still 3 other slots and plenty of Dark moves that it can learn through TM or Tutor, I'd go with Leech Life.

Source: A lot of cross referencing between the Type Chart, and the two Moves.

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Just fixed it.
Oh, thank you so much. Guess ill go with Leech Life. :)
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