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Hmm, it depends, when do you catch it (at which spot)? in game or competitive/battle tree use? what do you want to use it for?

Also, if you want the shiny charm, you need all pokemon, including Wimpod & Golisopod, so probably. :P
I'd say no because Gyarados does everything that Golisopod does but better, so why use Golisopod when Gyarados is an option?
but sumwun, golisopod is a physical priority user, and gyrados a physical/special/mixed sweeper.
Golisopod isn't as good as gyarados at... well... anything. However, you still need to catch wimpod and Golisopod to get the shiny charm, so you have to train that sucker someday (also, Wimpod/Golisopod is cool, just not very strong :P). Imo, game freak should've game them HA and allowed them to have such ability in an event release (probably overcoat/battle armor/adaptability) :P
You don't need priority for in-game when just about everything is slower than both Gyarados and Golisopod.
As for the "theorymon" thing, I think if Golisopod got a good hidden ability, then it should be regenerator. It retains the "running away" theme.

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Catch rate 90 (11.8% with PokéBall, full HP)
Base Happiness 70 (normal)
Base EXP 46
Growth Rate Medium Fast

Wimp Out causes the bearer to switch out (or flee in a wild battle) when its HP falls below 50%.

-Wimpod stats according to its PokeDex page.

Golisipod is definitely a hard Pokemon to train. Wimpod's ability means that you can't lower its health when catching it, and its catch rate is pretty low, so it can be a difficult Pokemon to acquire. This is the least of problems, however. Wimpod has horrible stats, and while it as above average growth rate, it will doubtfully kill many opponents, and you will have to rely on Exp. Share a lot. Finally, Wimp Out and Emergency exit as their abilities isn't the most fun.

Is it worth it? If you want to get through the game quickly, I would say no. Golisopod is actually pretty powerful, with high attack and defense. First Impression attempts to make up for its pitiful speed stat. However, it just takes way too long to get, and Golisopod's stats aren't even that exclellent. Despite priority in First Impression and Aqua Jet, Golisipod's low speed stat is noticeable, and for in-game, you don't want your Pokemon to be so slow. But most of all, Emergency Exit is going to be a huge pain. While it is rather bulky, it isn't uncommon for its health to fall below 50%, causing it to switch out, and, since it usually slower, not be able to attack.

However, it isn't the worst, and if you are willing to commit some time into training, than you should consider using it. Many people simply use it because it has such a great design. It also simply destroys wild Pokemon. Just be careful with its ability, and it shouldn't be too bad.

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Having Emergency Exit + First Impression can be fun in-game though. I also use Golisopod a lot in battle royales because Emergency Exit actually helps salvage health, plus Leech Life. I imagine you could pull off some cool Baton Pass maneuvers with it. Sucker Punch can also help cover for it's low speed. It helps to give it leftovers.
I hate competitive play though, so my ideas probably don't help much if you're talking about competitive play. I don't think anyone runs Golisopod but I could be wrong since I don't involve myself in the territory.
No I agree. Golisipod is fun, but trying to get it isn’t lol.
You just need to be persistent! I got a shiny Wimpod in less than 72 hours, my fastest SR shiny-hunt ever. Totally paid off.
“Less than 72 hours” lol.