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I've just set up one Calm Mind and I swept a team with just one sp. atk boost, but is it still worth the use? I want it on my USUM team, too.

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and PLEASE dont spoil. ive looked at spoilers but the poeple that are coming here and answering dont wanna here any spoilers.

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I would say it depends on your team composition as well as your personal preferences. If speed is very important to you in battles, then I would definitely recommend using it, as it evolves relatively early and is one of the fastest new Pokemon introduced this generation. However, you should also consider how it fits with the other Pokemon you want to add to your team—if you already have a Bug or Fairy type you want to use, or if the rest of your team is also mostly composed of fast, hard-hitting Pokemon that don't take hits well, then I would be more cautious about using it.

I have used a Ribombee before, and it was a lot of fun to have on my team—once it evolved it outsped almost everything and was quite the force to be reckoned with if it got a Quiver Dance or two up. I would say that it's definitely worth using when it has proper team support.

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It's totally worth it! Ribombee is insane with quiver dance and can really piss the opponents off. It can also be really good at setting up with status, while hiding behind a substitute. This is especially true in double or triple battles, where you can have another Pokemon covering weaknesses, while ribombee goes in with quiver dance or status behind the substitute. Just watch out for any fire types, or Pokemon with multi hitting moves. Fire types can shrug off any move you have and really just one shot you in most cases. Multi hitters (and I guess Pokemon with
the ability infiltrate) can destroy or go past your substitute and still deal plenty of damage to you. Being a fragile little bug, these moves might even kill after one use. Personally I would reccomend teasming it up with a bulky ground type, like gastrodon, since it can tank most hits, heal itself, is the bane of all fire types, and is generally a good partner. If your going for a status ribombee than I would reccomend chandalure, for the hex and fire damage, or a regigigas, since the status will help slow start fade away, and their types can really help each other out. Regi can also tank a good amount and can dish out insane punishment.

Hope this helps!!!

You do realize the question was tagged "in-game-team", right? There are very few double battles in-game, and almost nobody uses a Regigigas.