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It helped me obliterate Kahuna Hala, but is it worth keeping in the long run? If so, why?

I have a shiny Oricorio
I think it's a good Pokemon to use ingame because it can change its type whenever you want, including between Elite 4 battles.

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I would say maybe.

Oricorio has well-rounded stats, especially for in-game. It's fast and has decent bulk. It's Sp. Attack is great in its Attack is passable. Unfortunately, Oricorio is let down by its pathetic movepool.

Oricorio only ever learns one STAB move for its secondary typing, Revelation Dance. Look here if you don't believe me. It doesn't learn the move until Level 40. Revelation Dance is not a bad move, but the fact that it's Oricorio's only non-Flying STAB, and is not accessible for a large portion of the game, is troublesome.

Oricrio's only offensive moves before Revelation Dance are Pound, Air Cutter, Double Slap, and Air Slash. It can also learn Steel Wing, U-Turn, Acrobatics and Aerial Ace through TMs (as well as Normal moves like Frustration). So, if you use Oricorio, the majority of your battles with it will be with Normal and Flying attacks. One plus is that Oricorio does get Swords Dance through a TM, meaning that if you can get rolling you can do some nice damage with Acrobatics/Steel Wing/U-Turn.

So, in summary, I would say that Oricorio is worth using if you need its Flying-type coverage more than its Fire/Electric/Psychic/Ghost coverage. You can change Oricorio's typing to suit your needs with Nectar taken from the different islands. It is fast and strong, but held back by its awful movepool. There are, frankly, better choices for Flying-types like Crobat, Toucannon, or Pelipper. But, if you are dead set on using Oricorio, it's not going to be too heavy of a burden to your team.

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