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I'm thinking of a physical Incineroar with Flame Charge for the STAB Fire & Speed Boost.

I've read that the Fire Z-Move using Flame Charge turns into Inferno Overdrive for a decent damage boost, but cannot confirm whether it keeps the Speed Boost, increases the Speed Boost or looses it entirely.

(I don't yet have my copy of the game - UK based and Amazon Pre-Order has proven less than ideal)

I'm gonna say that it loses the Speed Boost entirely, simply because Inferno Overdrive replaces Flame Charge when it is used, and so it likely replaces the secondary effects of Flame Charge as well.
My experience thus far indicates that the Z Move is a completely separate move from the base move it is modifying.  The base move is only considered for the Z Move's Power, and whether it ends up being Physical or Special (leading to Defense or Special Defense on the target).  But I can't really confirm that.  In my story playthroughs I rarely use stat altering moves.
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Secondary effects of base moves are completely negated when turning into a Z move, therefore Inferno overdrive will only use the base power of Flame Charge to base itself off of, nothing else.

So no, you won't get a speed boost when using inferno overdrive even if it's basing from flame charge.

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I figured as much but I was curious enough to ask, thanks