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When is the Marshadow event?

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I know that some people have received Marshadow, but they hack it, and I don't feel like hacking.

Does anyone know when the Marshadow event will happen? I find Marshadow adorable :)

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1 Answer

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At the moment it is unknown when the Marshadow event will happen. My guess is sometime next year, because there are only two Mythicals in Sun/Moon and Magearna has already been released. But, that is only my guess. The only answer is nobody knows for sure.

And yes, Marshadow is adorable :D

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Thanks! And is Marshadow a male, or genderless? I feel like it would be a male.
According to Bulbapedia it's genderless.
Oh ok, thanks!
yes i dont think they would release a pokemon that is mythical that has a gender or it would lose its value
And why is that? Mythical Pokemon can't breed whether they have a gender or not (unless it's Manaphy)