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Title. I say, "if such a thing could even happen," because it might be impossible for a specific byte like this to even be created with RNG. Don't quote me on that, I don't actually know lol.

Anyways, what is the chance of finding any given species of Pokemon in the wild as shiny, having perfect 6IVs, AND pokerus? I know the chance of finding a shiny is ~1/4096 and pokerus is something even more ridiculous. I don't even know what the chances for 6IVs would be.

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The chance of 6 perfect IVs (when nothing is affecting the chance) is simply (1/32)^6, which is 1/1073741824. The chance of a Pokemon having Pokerus is 3/65536. Pokerus is independent of IVs and personality, so a Pokemon with any personality can have Pokerus. Therefore, the chance of finding a Pokemon that fits your description (assuming nothing is affecting the chance) is about 1 in 23456248059221.

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