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Can Metagross raise its attack stat in gen 7?

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Can Metagross raise its attack stat in gen 7? No hone claws nor power-up punch. So what other moves are good for Metagross in gen 7?

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By the way, "stat" stands for statistic, not status.

3 Answers

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Meteor Mash has a 20% chance of increasing attack by one stage.

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If I'm not wrong, I don't think there are other Attack raising move learnt by Metagross other than Meteor Mash. Hone Claws may not be Obtainable.
Hone Claws is not obtainable and leaving it to a 20% chance by one stage isn't spectacular either. Idk Pokemon company has really killed the Jolly Metagross for good.
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meteor mash has a 20% chance to raise attack
metal claw has a 10% chance to raise attack

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Choice band metagross is worth considering...?
TBH, it already has a high attack and it's more useful to rock polish and outspeed.
Meteor Mash is just as good as Iron Head, so try that if you want.

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he asked if metagross could raise stat this is not an answer to his question