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Also is there a specific way to obtain each core color?

Anyone notice that the colors of the Minior are Roy G. Biv?

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Minior's core color is random.
There is no specific way to get all of them except for doing the method for shinies, or just encounter random minior.
For proof, go here.


Minior's shiny core is not random colors
Would be interesting if it did but no.

Here are all the colors. Colors are:

  • Red or Pink (I still doubt that it's even red..)

  • Lime green / normal green

  • Purple

  • Orange

  • Indigo

  • Black (shiny, I just went in the picture's order)

  • Yellow

  • Light blue

Here is the picture (I went from bottom to top):

yes, it's huge o-o

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EDIT I: Added the minior colors.
EDIT II: Added some capital I's because I forgot to add them.
EDIT III: I think you noticed ouo

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Well, technically the shiny form isn't really the other colours. I bred my shiny Minior, and technically it has a purple colour on the PC menu, and it was bred from a purple Minior. And on the topic, Minior can't be bred for different colours or SOS, so RE are the only way to get a shiny, excluding breeding.
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No. there is no specific way to get each colour. The colours are Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Light Blue, Indigo and Violet. The shiny form is black.

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Minior is Located at Mount Hokulani. The cores will show up in Random colors.

EDIT: The colors of the Minior Cores are Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Light Blue and Purple.

All the Shiny Minior Cores are Black.

Source: Knowledge and Experience
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This doesn't answer what all the colors of the Minior Cores and the shiny Minior Cores are.