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I know Miniors are always meteor form outside of battle, but on Showdown!, Miniors without shields down are always core form. Please tell me what form it'll be in-battle and out-of-battle.


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The reason for this is if you observe when you send in a Minior it comes out as a core and then transforms into meteor. Unless it has half health. Obviously.

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Yes but read the text upon entry: Shields down DE-activates, which complicates things
Do you have any proof that it's wrong?
I've since bought S/M, and after catching and researching with Minior, I find this answer correct. Your comment that they are always meteor form outside of battle is incorrect. Sure, they first appear in wild battles in meteor form, but they are in fact core form outside of battle (i.e. in your party or box), regardless of their HP at the time. As contradictive as it sounds, without the ability available to deactivate, it will remain in its starting form, which is core.
As a matter of fact, looking at the apparent Japanese translation of 'Limit Shield', I would suggest that the shield IS the ability and it ACTIVATES in Japanese, rather than deactivating.
lissen, judging by the guy below, i can be both.the reason i said meteor is cuase i realised it COULD be meteor befor i realised that it could be both. sorry to anger you...
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If it never had shields down, then it will not be able to go into its core form, which therefor it will always be in meteor form!