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So I finished the main quest and UB quest and a little while ago stumbled upon the wormhole before knowing that I could get cosmog by going to the alternate world lake. I went back and, once I learned I could get Cosmog, tried to head back during the day but a message saying "There is a strange distortion in the air... but you don't seem able to traverse it now." I also tried again at 8 pm at night but the same message popped up. I'm playing Sun. Did I screw myself?

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Did you have Solgaleo/Lunala in your party?
@PhailRaptor I don't think I did, that definitely must have been it. Thanks!

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No, you go through in indefinitely, but only in the opposite time of you're game. In other words, if you have Pokemon Sun, you need Solgaleo in front of party and at night. If you have Pokemon Moon, Lunala in front and at day. When you are in the wormhole, you can return whenever you want.

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