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I have completed Pokemon Sun and want to enter the Ultra Wormhole.
I go to the Altar of Sun and the only option I have is to go to another world.
It takes me to the Altar of Moone. I don't know how to enter the actual minigame to find legendary Pokemon.
I have also completed the Ultra Beast questline, but it still doesn't let me play the minigame.
Please help!

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Ultra Wormholes are in Ultra sun and moon
The Ultra space is only for US/UM like Octazooka said. You'll have to buy and complete US/UM. Good luck!
You have to go in it at night (or when the sunlight is there? I forgot) And it brings you to Moon stuff.
And why is this flagged?

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In Sun/Moon, you can't do anything else with this Ultra Wormhole except to change the time of day.

But, in Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon, you can do a whole lot more with the Ultra Wormholes (catch other Legendaries / Mythicals / Ultra Beasts). You're probably thinking of this game as opposed to the other.

You can't find Mythicals in space.
Then, the Swords of Justice aren't considered Mythicals?
The only sword of Justice that is Mythical is Keldeo, which isn't available in the ultra wormhole. The others have never been considered mythicals, as they've been obtainable in their debut game without events. :P

@Jay ze VünderTrainer - That is correct. And so is Staka :P. You can get shinies easily through the ultra space though.
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Really sorry, but you can only access the Ultra Wormhole and Ultra Warp Ride (where you fly to other planets and can catch legendary Pokemon) in the games Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon. I would suggest buying/acquiring one of those two to get the legendaries.

In Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon, you can't do any of these things.

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