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Would you accept adding the amount every Pokemon can learn and dividing them by the 800~ amount there are? If that's not already what you want >.>
I doubt I'll try answering this question but isn't the amount of TMs a Pokemon can learn depedent on the game it's in? Like a Pikachu in Pokemon Red might learn a different amount of TMs than in Sun and Moon. The kind of TMs in each game can also vary. Correct me if I'm wrong. I'm guessing you're probably just looking at Sun and Moon TMs. Also, do you want to include HMs with this too?
@DA830 Isn't that the only way to find averages?
@Unknown I re-tagged the question to be more clear. By the way, there are no HMs in SM.
In Ruby and Sapphire, Pokemon learn lower than 20 TMs on average. Got that figure from an erroneous Excel spreadsheet I made using this data: http://www.gamefaqs.com/gba/471243-pokemonrubyversion/faqs/27599. It was erroneous because I forgot to count 1 or 2 TM/HMs for every Pokemon (if anyone understands I made Excel count the commas in every cell, which obviously disregards TMs at the end of text strings. I tried to fix it and then it counts Pokemon with N/A and uuugh). I can't be bothered fixing this (hopefully I'll do it eventually) so it's something like 20. And in Yellow it's something like 18. That was erroneous too. Hope I helped lol.
@sumwum My bad, I'm still trying to avoid spoilers for it cuz Im playing thru it right now lol

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Took the data from the source and copied the data from the Moveset tab. Mirrored cells that only started with 'TM' so that I had a spreadsheet with just TM moves. Counted number of text cells per row (i.e. number of TMs per Pokemon) and find the average of all these totals. Also got rid of a few Pokemon entries that were basically duplicate entries (such as Wishiwashi and Wishiwashi (School Form) - they obviously learn the same amount of TMs).

On average, a Pokemon can learn ~32 TMs. The actual value was 31.4616307.

Hope I helped. :)

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