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*that can hatch from an egg laid by two non-Ditto parents
Please don't question my curiosity.

I'm going through every Pokémon that can hatch from an egg (from two non-ditto parents, as requested by sumwun) and will find the average, in Gen 7, at least.
I know at least one person who can look at all the Pokemon with a spreadsheet.
Sumwun some evolved Pokemon can hatch from eggs EG: Snorlax.
Over seventy Pokemon is not all of the Pokemon that can have egg moves.
"I know at least one person" sigh I'll be on it soon

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I looked through every Pokémon that can be bred from two non-ditto parents (skipping ones on this list as necessary) and, out of the 339 Pokémon I looked through, the number off egg moves they could learn averaged out to 9.876106194690266.

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