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*that can hatch from an egg laid by two non-Ditto parents
Please don't question my curiosity.

Should an entire evolution line count as one, or as however many Pokémon are in the line?  If the former, if a Pokémon can hatch as a baby *or* stage 1 evolution, and the two learn a different number of egg moves, should they be counted separately?
Evolved Pokemon can't hatch from eggs, can they?
Well, I checked one Pokemon that is fairly common over each generation, and I added the total egg moves they all could learn, and averaged it. An average Pokemon can learn 9 to 10 egg moves. Some have less and some have more, but this is the average I could find. Hope this helps!
That's seven Pokemon. Not enough for an accurate answer, in my opinion.
Hellfire Taco is right and not just seven Pokemon its the same Pokemon but only just over seven gens like you could of put Magikarp as its common and is a gen 1 Pokemon then say the average pokemon can learn 0 egg moves.
What IS an accurate answer, in your opinion?
I checked over 70 Pokemon this time and got the same answer, 9 to 10. Hope this helps, and my research is accurate.
I'm going through every Pokémon that can hatch from an egg (from two non-ditto parents, as requested by sumwun) and will find the average, in Gen 7, at least.
I know at least one person who can look at all the Pokemon with a spreadsheet.
Sumwun some evolved Pokemon can hatch from eggs EG: Snorlax.
Over seventy Pokemon is not all of the Pokemon that can have egg moves.
"I know at least one person" sigh I'll be on it soon

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I looked through every Pokémon that can be bred from two non-ditto parents (skipping ones on this list as necessary) and, out of the 339 Pokémon I looked through, the number off egg moves they could learn averaged out to 9.876106194690266.

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