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Just wondering has there ever been a way to get hidden ability Ho-oh? Thanks!

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If you use the Dream Radar app on the 3ds with Pokémon HeartGold in your system, you will have a chance to capture a Ho-Oh with its hidden ability, Regenerator.

Source: knowledge and experience

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Yes, but you must have:
1: a HeartGold copy
2: Pokemon Dream Radar on your 3ds
and you must have gotten landorus in dream radar.

I'm playing through Dream Radar right now actually . So what you need to do is, after you catch Landorus, put your Heartgold in the 3ds. Click start on the home screen for dream radar, and the professor will show you a special extension where you can catch ho-oh in.

Sources: Knowledge and this http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Pokémon_Dream_Radar#Extensions

Also, the dream radar is 3 dollars in the e shop.

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Nope. No way.

Actually you can, if you open up the Dream Radar with HeartGold in the 3ds system. You can capture a Ho-Oh with its hidden ability.
Yes there has

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