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I'm having trouble choosing. I already have a roselia but I'm not sure if I should wait for a foongus or what not. If you have any idea for a better grass type feel free to say.


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I personally prefer omitting a Grass-type from my team simply because most Grass-types are so inadequate; that being said, I don't know your team at all so I'll just assume that you want a Grass-type and I'll deliver you the best alternative!

I'd say between Amoonguss and Roserade, Roserade is the better alternative. Amoonguss' fantastic HP stat fails to overpower Roserade's awesome Sp. Defense, Sp. Attack and Speed stats. Roserade can also evolve earlier than Amoonguss, who evolves at Level 39. Nothing else really sets these Pokemon apart though - same typing, similar abilities and a fairly bland movepool. But do I have the Grass-type for you!

Even though it looks like a weird Pokemon, Ferrothorn has many great characteristics that I think outdo the other alternatives. Ferrothorn's magical Grass/Steel typing resists 10 types - and that's not counting its immunity to Poison, a crippling weakness it would usually have as a Grass-type. Furthermore, Ferrothorn has fantastic Defense and Sp. Defense stats and a sufficient Attack stat to support its incredibly diverse movepool. You can also catch Ferroseed near the same area you encounter your first Foongus (above Route 6 in Chargestone Cave). Despite all this, Ferrothorn does have an abysmal Speed stat and a 4x weakness to Fire-type moves. You'll also have to deal with its less-than-amazing pre-evolution Ferroseed until Level 40, although if you were considering Amoonguss, that might not bother you.

Sawsbuck is a nice alternative too. Not only can you choose to make it look like a walking palm tree, you can make it learn Double Kick and Jump Kick to support its decent Attack stat. Deerling is also a bit better to cope with than Ferroseed too, and evolves earlier at Level 34.

Remember, it's your game so play with whichever Pokemon you think you will enjoy playing with.

Hope I helped. :)
Source: Mentioned Pokemon's respective Serebii pages

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Thank you. I might just stick with rosella. I had planned to put an aggron on my team. Right now my team is
Pignite lvl. 30
Eevee lvl. 28
Braviary lvl. 28
Roselia lvl. 27
I planned on adding walrein and aggron
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If you want a sweeper that could sweep teams, go for Roserade. If you want a Tank that can tank hits, hit back, and Status inflict, go for Amongus.

For me, I prefer sweepers because they are useful in-game. I seldom use Tanks in-game unless they are fast. Tanks usually start last, and there are many NPCs waiting for you to battle. Roserade was the obvious choice for sweeping NPCs. Of course for some people, they prefer challenge in-game and will pick Amongus. For some, they rather want to make the game easier and use a sweeper, like Roserade.

For other better grass types, I would recommend Liligant. After one or two Quiver Dance, it can perform a fast sweep, dealing with NPCs that are usually annoying in-game. Get one with Own Tempo, because this means you won't be confused after using Petal Dance. Envolve Petitil with a Leaf Stone. Get Petitil by a trade in Route 4. Here's a moveset I will use.

Lilligant @ Miracle Seed
Ability : Own Tempo
EVs : Max out Special Attack and Speed. (Not really Neccessary)
Modest/Timid Nature

  • Petal Dance (If you get Petitil with Own Tempo) / Giga Drain / Energy Ball
  • Quiver Dance
  • Stun Spore / Sleep Powder
  • Aromatherapy / Synthesis / Hidden Power