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So I have 5 of 6 Pokemon decided for my Battle Tree BP grinding team. But I'm having a bit of a hard time deciding how to fill that 6th slot. This got me thinking about which Megastone I should use.

I had originally been planning to have my Metagross have it's Megastone. But one of my candidates for the final slot is Garchomp. Both Mega Metagross and Mega Garchomp are incredible physical powerhouses with few weaknesses and some pretty devastating movepools.

Which is generally considered to be more valuable to a team, Mega Metagross, or Mega Garchomp?

The rest of the team, as per request. Note that I'm still putting details together, so some bits are not yet hammered out. In truth, I haven't really decided on Garchomp yet, but I am in need of something more than just Toxapex to deal with Fire, specifically. Other contenders were/are Flygon, Milotic, Gyarados, etc.

Decidueye @ ???
Adamant (+ ATK, - SpATK), 252 ATK, 252 SPD, 4HP

Leaf Blade
Spirit Shackle
Pluck/Brave Bird

Toxapex @ Black Sludge
Calm (+ SpDEF, - ATK) 252 HP, 100 DEF, 156 SpDEF


Cleafable @ Leftovers
Bold (+ DEF, -ATK) 252 HP, 152 DEF, 104 SpDEF
Magic Guard

Stored Power
Cosmic Power
Moonlight/Work Up

Vikavolt @ ???

Bug Buzz
Volt Switch?
???/HP Water

Metagross @ ??? (Metagronite?)
Clear Body (---> Tough Claws?)

Meteor Mash
Zen Headbutt

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Provide movesets and your team so that we know who suits well.
Megagross is generally better because of its Speed and ability but it really does depend on the rest of your team.
Edited with my team, as it is thus far.
Btw Vikavolt is bad if you don't have trick room.
...if that's the case, I can probably replace it with Milotic.  Deals with my Fire problem nicely.

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I believe that you should get Mega Metagross instead of Mega Garchomp, because Garchomp doesn't really need a mega.
When Metagross becomes mega, almost every stat (HP not included) gets a pretty huge boost. Its speed becomes higher than average, its attack, defense, special attack and special defense are also boosted a lot. However, the HP isn't a huge problem because it is steel type (steel types are resistant to a lot of types) and it has easy access to powerful and (possibly) unpredictable moves. Simply look up Metagross on Smogon or search for a few good movesets.

However, for Garchomp it doesn't need a mega. Sure, its base stats also become 700, but its speed is slightly lowered, it loses its great abilities (did I mention that Mega Metagross' ability is very useful?) and its special defense is barely boosted. There are barely any advantages for Garchomp's mega. It's just sort of useless.

So, you should get Mega Metagross. It gains a very good ability and almost all of its stats are boosted a lot.

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I would do metagross since garchomp losses speed when mega evolving

It depends on the rest of the asker's team. This does not really anwser the question and is really a short one. What about their typing and movepool? Don't just look at the stats.
I see that you are quite new to the Pokebase. Welcome! But to avoid getting downvoted you should not write such short and simple answers to more complicated questions. This answer would work better as a comment. If you want to you could still edit your answer to provide more information but that is up to you. Otherwise you should probably remove it and write it as a comment instead.
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in my opinion you should get metagross for two main reasons

  1. garchomp is believed to be better than mega-garchomp because of losing its ability and a big speed drop

  2. mega-metagross has the highest bst in the over-used tier (the tier directly under ubers)

While Pokemon with higher base stat totals are generally good competitively, it is not a very good indicator of viability. After all, Regigigas has one of the highest base stat totals but it is utterly useless.
you make a good point but the reason Regigigas is useless is because of its ability slow start keeps it's speed down too much, whereas with mega metagross its ability tough claws multiplies its physical attacks by 1.3 and in addition all of its stats raise on mega evolution
Edited with the rest of my team, since that seems to have been an issue.
Yes, but all I'm saying is that base stat total is not a good indicator of viability. So your second point about it having the largest BST is not very convincing.
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Recommended for metagross (MOVESETS: -Move 1 -Meteor Mash as you commented|-Move 2 Earthquake as you commented again|-Move 3 -Brick break good for dark types and all other that are weak to fighting|-Move 4 -A
gillity as I recommend it because it will be great for a setup on speed if your a fan of speed)

Recommended for garchomp (MOVESETS: -Move 1 -Rock Tomb I beat alot of mega charizards with this move also it lowers speed which is great| -No more ideas for moves I will come back here again with awesome moves again expect I to find the moves match) I would take metagross anyways I'm still a big fan of garchomp...

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