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So, I have a female serperior , and I wanted one with the HA contrary, for obvious reasons, so my question is that if I have a male inkay with contrary, will that ability be able to pass on to baby snivy?


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In later games, there is a 20% chance that the male will pass on the Hidden Ability.

Source: Experience/Serebii (forgot which article)

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The female parent (or non-Ditto parent for Ditto breeding) must have a hidden ability in order for it to work.

I think in Sun/Moon the male has a chance of passing down the HA too… but I don't remember the source and don't have time to find one, so take it with a grain of salt.
Was it not changed in X/Y/OR/AS to allow male Pokemon a 20% chance for passing Hidden Ability?  Or am I slowly losing my sanity?
As of X/Y males and genderless could pass on their HA, but here's the catch: only when breeding with Ditto, and the male/genderless Pokémon must have it's HA. If you are breeding with a female of any kind and you can get an egg, the female MUST have the HA to even have a chance. You will never get a HA if the female parent does not have it, or the male/genderless parent when breeding with Ditto (so breeding with Imposter Ditto has no effect either way)