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In what situation is the Shell Bell a good choice for a Pokemon? It seems like it would be a great choice for a more offense oriented Pokemon, but I rarely ever see it in a suggested moveset on the questions here on the site.

I'm pretty sure it's only good when there's item clause. Pokemon that heal more from shell bell than leftovers are very offensive, so life orb suits them better.
Ingame you can just use it whenever and however, since items ingame aren't all that useful. Competitively, only very niche and gimmicky sets use it, such as FEAR Aron. Otherwise, it's not used or viable.

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No, not really. Most Pokemon that are going to be attacking and getting Shell Bell recovery every turn would much prefer a different item to boost their damage output, speed, ect. Defensive/Support Pokemon will not be attacking every turn, so Leftovers is preferable for them.

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First, the definition of a Shell Bell: "Whenever the Pokemon holding it deals damage, it restores 1/8 of the damage dealt as HP" -Bulbapedia
A good situation is when your Pokemon deals a lot of damage to the opposing Pokemon. That way, you will get a decent amount of HP restored. Also, if a Pokemon that is holding it uses Giga Drain or some other HP stealing move, you will get that HP with the HP gained with a Shell Bell. Other than that, it doesn't have much use.

When a Pokemon deals a lot of damage, a life orb would be better. Didn't you read the comment?
I don't really like the life orb, mainly because it steals HP
The question wasn't asking what you liked. Life orb is objectively better.