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I mean both slakoth and slaking look lazy as hell and have the ability truant but then BAM! Vigoroth comes in all jumpy and full of steroids and stuff. It makes even less sense that it evolves and then becomes lazy again all of a sudden. I cannot wrap my head around why they made Vigoroth the way they made him. Don't misunderstand me I still love him but why is there such a change from lazy to energetic and then to lazy again. He sticks out in an evolution line of laziness. Sorry if reading all of this was boring.

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This is all about logic I think. I'm not really sure. Maybe if you get old, you start to get lazy. When you are young, you are energetic. But still, I'm not really sure about the Slakoth part.
babies sleep a lot.
I named my slakoth after my mum, lol she took it as a personal insult

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Ever had that one project in school?

You know, the one your teacher warns you can't pull an all-nighter to finish? The one that needs months of planning and execution to get an A for? The one you end up procrastinating anyway, and then you unleash all of your hidden talent in one coffee fueled session? And then the teacher pushes the deadline because nobody else did it and you just lose all your energy and fall asleep on your desk because you're beat?

Vigroth reminds me of that. Slakoth is you before the night before deadline and Slaking is you asleep on the desk because you know you are, at that moment, the strongest in class because you're the only one who did the project.

It's like someone gave Vigroth too much caffeine and it became hyperactive.

To be fair, Slaking is super over powered (670 BST puts it with Kyogre and Groudon) without its ability Truant, so that was added as a check. Meaning it's that one Pokemon that's lazing around because it's too strong and knows it.

I get your point though. It makes it more fun, in my opinion. The whole transition. I guess GameFreak designed it that way. We'll never really know for sure.

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That's a damn good answer
Now imma get me some shut eye