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I have never actually tried this, but the theory might just work.
- Alolan Muk's hidden ability is the key
Alolan Muk, being a poison-dark type, is only weak to ground. Its hidden ability is Power of Alchemy, which allows it to copy the ability of a fainted ally.
If the ally happened to be a shedinja and the muk was holding an air balloon, the only way to kill it is with smack down, gravity, thousand arrows, or mold breaker.
Again, I have not actually tried this so if it doesn't work don't blame me.


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Except Alolan Muk is Poison/Dark, so it also receives Super Effective damage from Fighting.

[Edit] That awkward moment when you don't realize that Poison resists Fighting. So then yes, you would be correct, a Wonder Guard Alolan Muk holding an Air Balloon would be immune to almost everything. [/Edit]

The closest to an "invulnerable Pokemon" is the almost impossible to attain Sturdy Shedinja. Due to the interaction of the ability Sturdy and Shedinja's single hitpoint, direct damage attacks can never cause it to faint. If it is holding the Safety Goggles, it becomes immune to Weather damage (Hail/Sand). If an ally uses Thunder Wave to Paralyze it, it cannot be afflicted with Poison, Toxic, or Burn, so it cannot be knocked out by damage from status effects.

Assuming you jump through all the hoops to create it, there are only 3 ways (that I am aware of) to defeat the Sturdy Shedinja. First, steal it's Safety Goggles with moves such as Thief, Trick, Switcheroo, etc during Hail or Sandstorm. The second is to replace Sturdy with another Ability, through varios means like Simple Beam, Entrainment, Mummy, etc. The third is with the moves Perish Song and Destiny Bond.

The only questions I have for it are whether Future Sight delayed damage, and Struggle recoil will respect Sturdy.

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Safety goggles? No wonder that Shedinja in doubles won't die from Hail. Luckily I was able to poison it though.
Also you didn't mention that power of alchemy doesn't work on wonder guard. Your "close to invulnerable" Pokemon can all be defeated by ability nullifying/changing effects, item nullifying/changing effects, most forms of indirect damage (like burns and leech seed), and forced switching.
Mold Breaker (and clones) will deal damage through wonder guard as well.
There were what, over one and a half million clone troopers in the Grand Army of the Republic? Sturdy Shedinja isn't looking so invulnerable anymore…
But can it be killed by a power trick huge power choice band defence curl ice ball critical hit shuckle?
No, only the things I listed and clones.
welp theres another way to defeat sturdy shedinja and thats with the keeper of order; the nullifier of every freaking thing. With thousand arrows to hit flying types, aura break to break auras, and core enforcer to nullify abilities. yup, you guessed it, zygarde can kill shedinja with core enforcer.
That falls under the "ability nullifying/changing effects" category, so it isn't "another" way.