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The basic point of this setup is, in an environment without the Pokemon Clause, to have choice scarf Greninjas whose only purpose is to use mat block one turn and switch out the next. This coupled with a magic bounce mon such as mega Diancie should render the team impervious to non-priority, non-protection breaking attacks.

One would have two Greninjas on each side of the Diancie. One would use mat block, and the other would switch out for a third greninja. The one that just switched in uses mat block on the next turn while the one that can't use mat block switches out, and so forth. Meanwhile, Mega Diancie is free to set up and/or sweep.

The holes in this that I see are:
Mold breaker (only applies to status moves)
Feint/Shadow Force/Phantom Force (overall weak moves)
Priority (by far the largest concern)

Is this a sound strategy?

Pretty sure magic bounce only bounces moves target specifically at the ability-bearer, so "all foes" status moves could still work.
This strategy is weak to Speed Boost users and Trick Room. Mega Blaziken outspeeds after 2 boosts and 1-shots Greninja, as does Yanmega. Trick Room makes Greninja go last.
Long questions are fine. I'd rather see questions aimed to give as much detail as possible about what they're asking for than questions that are aimed to give people an easier time answering.
seconding what sumwun said, magic bounce would only protect the pokemon with the ability. a possible scenario would be this:
• sableye (and another prankster mon) would use twave on greninja(s), making the ninja frogs really slow
•any mon that outspeeds diance uses a multi-hit move and destroys all of your mons

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This is not Viable as Magic bounce is not a wide protection. I have tried juggling Mat Block with the following set up, though with a swap tactic for Smeargle with a choice scarf on a Turn one Talonflame setting up Tailwind. The Mat Block protects the Aron still for Endeavor strats.


But in quick answer to your question... no.