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I just want to know what type is super effective against the most types, with other types not being very effective against it. Thank You! - Mr.Totodile

Note: This is for single type only Pokemon.

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I edited the question title to be more specific to what you are asking. The original title just about crosses the line of what could be considered an "opinionated" question too. I hope you do not mind.
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OK, so from my info, there is no one type that has both of the traits you mentioned; the types that deal super effective damage to the most types have an unimpressive amount of resistances, and vice versa. I can however name which types are the best for each trait.

OK, so the type deals super effective damage to the most types is a tie between Fighting and Ground, with both dealing super effective damage to 5 types. Meanwhile, the type that has the most resistances is Steel by a longshot, with a whopping 10 resistances and one immunity.

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what would be the best type then?
Depends... What are you going to use this for?
both types have three weaknesses and have something immune to them, as well as the five types they are good on. But fighting is not very effective on 5 types (six with the ghost immunity) and ground is only bad against two, so Ground may be the superior type.