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I'm playing Pokémon Moon again (for the 4th time) and have decided to put a Raichu in my team. After a good 30-45 minutes, I finally caught a Pichu from the grass right before the stairs leading to Iki Town and wanted to train it a little bit before battling Hau. I then noticed I was seeing an awful lot of Pichu in this area, which is super suspicious considering the fact that it took me so long to find my Pichu in the first place.

I decided to conduct a little experiment with the other Pokémon in my team; with the Pokémon in the front of the team, encounter 10 wild Pokémon in the same area and count the number of Pichu found. My Popplio and Pikipek both encountered 0/10 Pichu each, but my Pichu found 7/10! There's obviously something going on here and I wanted to know if anyone else has had the same thing happen to them.


In all probability it's just coincidence. Your sample size is too small to jump to conclusions. Try it on a sample size of about 100 and let us know the results.
Almost certainly just your luck. Murphy's Law would have that happen in many situations - not finding what you want for a long time then be tripping over them later.

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I believe that it has to do with probability but also that your Pichu most likely has the ability "Static". Which has the following outside of battle effect:

"If a Pokémon with Static is the leading party Pokémon, it is 50% more likely that a wild Pokémon encountered will be Electric type."

That would explain why you encountered more Pichus when your Pichu was in the front of your party.


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Ahh, I completely forgot about that! I just thought it was that they can smell their own kind out or something, but this makes more sense. Thanks!
No problem! :)
i could barely find a pichu(WOO IT HAD HA) but when i found one i was training i found like fifty