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I'm trying to get a Pikachu in my Pokemon Sun for my team. I already have a Soothe Bell on my Pichu.

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Personally, the method I find to be most effective is the friendship enhancing berries: all 6 friendship raising berries can be found in the berry pile on Route 10. After that, you take the friendship berries you have, and plant and grow them in Poke Pelago until you have a large enough quantity (50 is probably best). Then, feed them to your Pichu until its friendship can go up no more, and level it up!

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Hatch eggs. this may sound odd, but it's a way to get two things done instead of one. beforehand soak pichu in the springs in pegalo for a while to boost its happiness a bit
have pichu at the front of your party (try to avoid battles) find five Pokemon you want to breed (hopefully ones whos pre-evos you need for your pokedex). breed them with ditto in the nursurie until you have five eggs. walk with pichu until they hatch. level up pichu. if it is not happy enough, repeat (assuming you still have some eggs to hatch and/or Pokemon to breed). once you run out of eggs, if pichu is still not happy enough, just leave it in your party for a while and it will keep gaining happiness as you walk.

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