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I need some help with Shiny Hunting for a Pichu. I already know the Mausada Method and the Ally Method.

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The only ones I know and aren't already listed are Poke Radar and Shiny Charm.
How about encountering it randomly? That isn't listed above. (this is just a joke, don't take it seriously)
Shiny Charm isn't a method, really, it's just a probability enhancer.
But the other ones are also just probability enhancers, too.
What I mean is, the Shiny Charm isn't a "method" of finding shinies. You don't Shiny Charm for Shiny Pokémon. You do Ally Chain for Shiny Pokémon. Sorry if I wasn't clear enough, what I meant was that the Shiny Charm is a flat probability increase across all methods.

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There is a Swap Breeding method, Masuda Method (as you mentioned), SOS battles (the ally thing you mentioned) and Shiny Charm will raise the odds.

You can't use PokePelago to hunt for shiny Pichu.

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