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Furret @ Leftovers / Silk Scarf / Toxic Orb
Ability: Frisk
Jolly Nature
- Retaliate
- Double-Edge
- Facade
- U-Turn

Should I use a Silk Scarf to get the 20% boost Normal moves, Leftovers to make up for Double-Edge recoil damage, or Toxic Orb for instant Facade boost?

From my calculations it appears Silk Scarf would be best considering this is for Wi-Fi battles and status conditions happen often, so using Toxic Orb might be an item waste of the Silk Scarf boost.

Just wanted to get some other opinions on the matter :)

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I agree with your assessment, and silk scarf seems to be the better choice. However, I'd like to point out that Furret has lowish attack, so a Choice Band set would also make sense, specially with U turn. Also, I'd suggest getting rid of at least one of the first three moves in favour of Super Fang (don't bother with the Band then) or a coverage move like Shadow Claw. Also toxic orb is a no if you scrap Facade, but is okay otherwise to soak other status. As it's naturally not bulky, the passive damage doesn't threaten it's already short lifespan much.

All in all, go for Toxic Orb, scrapping Double Edge for Shadow Claw or Super Fang. Or, CB with U Turn / Retaliate/ Shadow Claw and Double Edge is good for consideration too.

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Too many Normal moves are bad, and so Silk Scarf is not all that useful.
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I think you should go for the Silk Scarf, I'm not sure, but I don't think that Furret has the best defenses so I think that effects the poison and Double Edge recoil, not solid proof! Just my personal thought/opinion