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I know in sun and moon there's the sos for good iv's but I don't know for black. Also, is it possible to get a foreign ditto? I know the gts doesn't work anymore but I need one.

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Back then was when I starting to learn breeding and I tell you it was hell. No Destiny Knot and to find out your I.Vs you had to look at a list of charted phrases that describes your Pokémons value to find out what I.Vs was it's number. It's so long ago everything's hazy but remember getting use to it after a while. The other worst part was that you had to breed with the Power Items and or the Everstone. An basically gamble with the 3 I.V roulette, meaning only 3 I.V got pasted down and the other 3 was random. So each time you hatched an egg you had to pray it got the right IV from the right parent and it's random IVs was golden. It made you appreciate the random 4 and 5 I.V babies that popped up from time to time.

To get the Pokémon you have to capture a bunch of wild Pokémon then check their stats. But like I said before you have to compare the phrase the judge uses to the Generations IV phrase chart like here:


Or just Google - "I.V Pharse Chart" and click images

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