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This might not be the correct arena for this question, but I'm hoping someone might be able to answer it.

If you were to have a digital copy of a 3DS Pokémon game and a hard copy of a different 3DS Pokémon game in the same system, would you be able to access Pokémon Bank and the GTS without breaking anything?

Digital games can't use Pokemon moves, and hard copies don't have a physical attack stat.

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Yes, it's perfectly safe. I have a digital copy of X on my 3DS, and I regularly have another Pokémon game inserted. I've been able to use the GTS on X while Omega Ruby was in the slot and vice versa. Same with Pokémon Bank. Hell, I banked Pokémon directly from X to Omega Ruby on a regular basis. There's no need for concern :)

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That's exactly what I needed to know. Thanks a bunch!
No problem! Glad I could help.