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And why is it at Lv. 1?

You mean Mat Block?

I would like to point out that Throh apparently can learn Mat Block in Gen 7.

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First of all, I would say that there is no definite anwser because it's Gamefreaks decision to do this. But I have a few reasons that could also help.

  • Out of the three starters in Kalos, Greninja is the most special one. It is Ashes best Pokemon and it gets battle bond to transform into Ash-Greninja.
  • I also believe that Gamefreak's decision to do this was because of competitive play reasons. Mat Blocks main purpose is just to protect you and your teammates in doubles. That make Mat Block Greninja more gimmick in Doubles.
  • Design reasons. A ninja Pokemon using Mat Block will be so awesome and cool. Mat Block was meant for Ninjas.

If you add all of my reasons above together, you will find out that Mat Block was the right choice of signature move for Greninja. There is no definite reason for this so these are based on my opinion. And also, signature moves are usually gotten at level 1, thus making it special.

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Are you sure it was added after ORAS? It was used in XY.
Oh sorry I got it wrong. Thanks.
If mat block is for ninjas why don't Accelgor and Ninjask learn it? Accelgor even learns Water Shuriken. Ninjask is only slower then Deoxys-Speed so mat block would work incredibly well. The only ninja it wouldn't work with is Shedinja.
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Assuming you are referring to Water Shuriken, all of the Kalos starters have a move like that. Greninja has Water Shuriken, Delphox has Mystical Fire, and Chestnaught has Spiky Shield.

The level 1 thing is simply to allow you to use a Heart Scale to remind them of the move should you choose not to teach it to them. They will immediately be given the chance to learn it on evolving.

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Accelgor learns water shuriken.
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Those moves are not their sigs because other Pokemon can learn them...
Mystical Fire can be learned by Mismagious, Water Shuriken can be learned by Accelgor, and Spiky Shield can be learned by Maractus/Cacturne
Greninja is now the only Pokemon with a true Signature move with Mat Block.
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