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I already went to the man with the boat to go there

Did you go to the boat farthest to the left. Past the pokemon center and such? Oo
Yes I did

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How far are you through the game? I heard reports that at some points in the game you can't go to Liberty Island. I think it's because the Team Plasma characters are tied up elsewhere, e.g. Dragonspiral Tower, so they can't be in two places at once.

So the solution would be to finish any current quests you are on like Dragonspiral Tower, and then you should be able to go back and visit Liberty Island.

I finished the game
Mabe that is the problem. Team Plasma is defeated so they have no need for Victini anymore.
I got victini after I beat the game, so that can't be it.
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Have you taken it from the postman in blue at the poemon centre? It is the boat in the leftmost pier aswell.

Also you have to download it from nintendo wfc in mystery gift in the main menu when you start up the game aswell.

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Yes I have
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Talk to the post man then go to the port to the far left talk to the man in blue and he should say "oh you have a liberty pass good timing were about to pull out" and it should take you to liberty island

If you have already done this then maybe yuor games messed up
Yep I did
Sorry ur games probly messed up