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I was just using verlisify guide to get a Mew and I found that I can make shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Red, is it illegal or not? Can I use the Pokemon online? I really want to though :/

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I believe this questions answer would be opinionated, as the matter of what's legal and what's not in Pokémon is typically based on opinion.
Legal as in what the game allows the player to use in online battles, and thus not opinionated.

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'Legal' and 'Moral' are different things. Legally, only the Base Stat Total and stuff like illegal moves matter. Morally? Most people oppose hacking and see it as cheating.
I take a middle ground. I had my Gardevoir and Latias hacked to be shiny, and Kyurem turned 6 IV, with the two dragons having fixes to their natured.
Legally, they're 100% possible in game without hacking, but morally? Most people get irked when I mention I got them hacked.

So it's rather opinionated. I wouldn't hack event legends... As this makes them illegal unless the original even was for a shiny anyway.

Like I said in a comment, - legal generally refers to whether or not the Pokemon can be used in competitive play i.e wifi. The asker wants to know if using this method to obtain Pokemon will result in said Pokemon not being able to be used in wifi. Don't need to mention morals.
My thoughts on hacking is: Why does people care so much about hacked pokemon?  All they did was create a pokemon and battle with it. why does everyone care?
Palkia you are 100% right and we can't judge fore legality unless we know natured IVs etc.
And I included morals too because most people see them as illegal mons even if they have legal stats natures etc. Most people won't even look at someone who has hacked mons.
This isn't an subjective matter - there's a definitive answer.