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Being that I was a lucky SOB who found a shiny Bagon by accident instead of that oddly low-leveled Salamence in Sun & Moon's Route 3 today, it got me thinking of all sorts of potential horror situations. It brought me to a trial situation where if you found a shiny, you couldn't catch the darn thing...kinda like that one in Gen 3 we don't even want to think about.

But then I had to ask myself: is that even possible? Can wild Pokemon you encounter in trials even be shiny? Or have they been shiny locked? If they did, I'm sure that would be much appreciated by the players.

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if i saw that uncatchable minccino i would punch my 3ds lol
Sumwun, that has got to be the most interesting Pokemon fact I've ever learned. Fascinating.
Please call me "sumwun" and not "Sumwun". Thanks.
But you always capitalize the first word in a sentence 0.o
its literally the same thing lol

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I think it's possible to encounter a shiny during the trials. But I would probably smash my 3ds if I did. Shinies from trials are uncatchable so yeah.

what evidence do you have? I'm looking for like hardwired game coding here, and if nobody can give me that, this'll probably end up hidden...