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The stone Eeveelutions (Vaporeon,Flareon and Jolteon) line represents the secondary colors, I think, but do they?

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What do Eeveelutions have to do with stone?
Bet she means the eeveelutions that evolve via the Water, Thunder and Fire Stones
cx I explained it badly, lol..

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Could be

You can't really be 100% sure about this, but it seems pretty logical to assume it.

Vaporeon (Blue to Purple)
Jolteon (Yellow to Greenish/Puke)
Flareon (Reddish Orange to Orangish Yellow)

which corresponds to (Purple/Green/Orange) from (Red + Blue / Blue + Yellow / Yellow + Red), so it's not incorrect, colour-wise. Unless you believe Red-Blue-Green is the primary trio. In which case, fight me 1-v-1 IRL.

While it's not officially stated, AFAIK, it seems obvious.

My problem is, who at GameFreak hates Espeon. I mean, look at this:

Unholy ugliness.

But then they gave us the Tron-tastic shiny Umbreon, so GameFreak aren't total numbskulls.

Batman level of awesome.

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Tysm! I actually like shiny espeon XD
I am sorry that GF decided to throw the Psychic Eeveelution under the bus. If it's any consolation, Espeon is easily in my top 3 Eeveelutions.
The reason why many people think red, yellow, and blue are primary colors is that magenta, yellow, and cyan are primary colors for pigments, which are subtractive. Magenta is red and blue light, and cyan is green and blue light. Magenta looks like red and cyan looks like blue because people are more sensitive to red light than blue light and more sensitive to blue light than green light. Magenta, yellow, and cyan are the primary pigment colors because they're the secondary light colors. The primary light colors are red, green, and blue. Light is additive, which means red and blue make cyan, but cyan and magenta don't make red. Graphics people need to be able to make every color from three primary colors, so they picked red, green, and blue. Pigment is subtractive, so magenta and cyan make blue, but red and blue don't make magenta. Printers also need to make every color from only three of them, so they picked magenta, yellow, and cyan. In conclusion, there are two separate systems at work here, but I think red, green, and blue are more primary because the pigment system is derived from the light system. I would fight you IRL, but I don't have one.

Also, Hitmonchan's shiny colors are supposed to be a reference to red and blue corners in boxing. Shiny Gyarados may be a reference to Chinese dragons, which are often red.

Also, Umbreon is the best Eeveelution. Its three best stats are defensive. Meanwhile, Espeon has high speed, which is no fun. Espeon is still in my top 8, though.
I read that block of text and I was like whaaaa until: "I'd fight you IRL, but I don't have one" and then you won.

I agree though, Cyan, Magenta and Yellow are the corner stone for artists and graphic designers and printers, but for elementary, layman usage, RBY is the way to go. Cyan / Magenta sound pretentious if you're not a printer.

Although I read Green actually has the mid wavelength, and not yellow. Might be wrong tho
According to Wikipedia, green is the middle.