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I'm gonna start a yellow nuzlocke.What Pokemon,or trainers,should I be cautious against?
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Viable Pokemon

  • Make getting Bulbasaur a priority if you can. It’s the best starter, being good against Brock, Misty, and Giovanni, and resisting Lt. Surge, Erika, and Bruno.
  • For that matter, you should try to get all three starters. All are formidable, and all can deal with a fair few enemies in-game.
  • Snorlax and Lapras are also amazing, and you get them as the story progresses. Try to catch Snorlax and receive Lapras -- you don’t need to rely heavily on luck, and they’re great assets to a team (you may not want Blastoise if you grab the Lapras).
  • Hitmonlee is pretty solid after you get it from the Fighting Dojo. It murders once it gets Jump Kick/ Hi Jump Kick, but you’ll need to plan accordingly if and when it misses and depletes half its HP. It also gets Strength.
    In terms of wild Pokemon, Kadabra is great if you can manage to snag an Abra. Raticate is surprisingly solid as well (at least in the early game), as it can learn Hyper Fang at an incredibly low level and Super Fang a bit later.
  • Nidoking can be obtained early, with Nidoran and the Moon Stone being found before exiting Mt. Moon. It learns the excellent Thrash at Level 23, which absolutely tears through foes.

Dangerous Threats

  • SelfDestruct and Explosion are deadly, and you should always be prepared when going up against a member of the Geodude/Voltorb family, as they can end a team member’s life in an instant.
  • Be very, very careful in the Saffron Gym. Sabrina (and all other Psychic users) are deadly and can be tough to beat. Use Pokemon with solid physical attacks, as the Abra family is quite weak on the physical side. Snorlax is fairly well-suited for the job, with powerful STAB in Body Slam. It’s got a fairly okay Special stat as well.
  • If you don’t manage to get a Mankey or Nidoran before Brock, you’ll have a very tough time. Try to get one, and if you can’t, pray to whatever god you happen to believe in (or even the fabled RNGesus) that you somehow pull out a victory.

General Tips

  • Always, always have healing items. Being careless can lead to an avoidable death, so try to always pack something to quickly regenerate your Pokemons’ health. Remember that poison hurts you in the overworld, so be sure that it doesn’t claim a victim.
  • Critical hits are different in Gen I, and you can easily be hit by an errant one if you aren’t careful. Always assume every attack will be a crit, and if it would be KOed by a crit, switch out. The risk isn’t worth it often.
  • If you don’t have a full team for whatever reason, you can try fishing up some fodder in towns that can be used as sacrifices in battle if things get dire. Alternatively, you can make them into powerful team members.
    As TMs aren’t reusable, be sure to give those one-time finds to very strong Pokemon, or those that will be in your final team, just before the Elite 4. This lowers the risk of them dying and you losing the TM forever.

Best of luck to you on your Nuzlocke!

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bulbasaur is after brock,but it don't matter much.
Also hjk and jk only do one damage to you in gen 1.
Regarding Brock:

If you’re unlucky enough not to receive Mankey (Low Kick), Nidoran (Double Kick) or Caterpie (Confusion), then Pidgey is your next best bet. Why? Because ‘Sand Attack’. Lower each of Brock’s 2 Pokémon’s accuracy to naught with Sand Attack, then menacingly chip away at their health with Normal attacks. Throw a few Growls in from Pikachu if you’re worried about taking damage.