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I'm gonna start a Pokemon blue nuzlocke.I need some help on how to deal with hard battles etc.I want to choose bulbasaur,but I haven't decided.Can someone help me pick my starter too?

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Definitely pick Bulbasaur. Bulbasaur rocks the first two gyms and resists Electric. By the time you get to Erika, you might've already gotten something to counter her such as Pidgey or Vulpix. A good way to deal with most strong trainers is to set up Leech Seed and poison to chip away at their health and Bulbasaur gets access to those moves pretty early. If you picked up anything else, I would suggest a Pidgey due to how fast and strong Pidgeot is plus it's good against Erika. If there's anything to worry about, it's definitely Sabrina. It's so easy to get sweeped by her Alakazam and there aren't many counters. Just hit it as hard as you can with physical attacks to kill it as soon as possible. Giovanni might also be an issue as well as Fuschia Gym's exploding Koffings. Try to catch a Snorlax since it has plenty of bulk to tank an Explosion or Self-Destruct. Other than that, make absolute sure you have the right levels for any major battle such as the gym leaders or Elite 4. If not, go to the day care and grind as much as much as possible (or just grind to around their level if you're trying to keep it fair). Other than that, the rest is up to luck and skill. Good luck

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Bulba best for red and blue.
Be vary of mt. Moon. Lots of trainers so be careful and stick up healing items. All rival battles are important. Rival is really satan in nuzlocke. They eat lot of Pokémon (eww). Careful with misty too. Train up in ss.ann (lady in 2nd room from entrance on right side heals your Pokémon.)
Rock tunnel is dangerous but you got bulba but just be a bit careful and stock up potions. All rocket bases are also bit dangerous as they tend to Poison you a lot. And the most difficult: SABRINA
She's OP in gen 1. Ghost is weak to psychic instead of being stronger. Psychic resists ghost too. Only bug is super effective, but they're very weak. Just take 20 super potions for her. Victory road might be difficult too. Agatha and lance (and champion rival) are to be wary off.
That's all.
Hope I helped!

I'm pretty sure Psychic is immune to Ghost in Gen 1?
Yeah it's immune iirc?
ok i didn't remember