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I'm about to attempt a nuzlocke in sword and shield so I need recommendations for team members. Please put things for early on not late game.

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First, how exactly are you planning to ensure obtaining these team members? Nuzlocke teams simply can't be planned. Nevertheless, there are some solid Pokemon that are easier to obtain than others.

Any one of the starters is good. Grookey's line is good against Milo, Nessa, Gordie, and part of Raihan's team in terms of Gym Leaders. Scorbunny's line does well against Milo, Kabu, Opal, and Melony. Sobble's line performs solidly against Nessa, Kabu, Gordie, and Raihan.

If you can grab one, a Barraskewda sports a wide range of coverage moves, and its Attack and blistering Speed will make it a force to be reckoned with.

The gift Toxtricity from the Daycare is also helpful, as it can easily deal with Opal, and Electric is quite a good type to have in-game.

Excadrill can be good. While frail, it's very fast, and can hit very hard.

You can catch a Sizzlipede in the Motostoke Gym Challenge, which I strongly advise. Centiskorch is phenomenal in-game. It boasts a good set of moves, and can hit hard.

If you're playing Shield, get a Dracovish, preferably one with the Ability Strong Jaw. Seeing as you get it at Level 10, the levelling up may seem daunting, but Dracovish is worth it. It gets access to Crunch, Psychic Fangs, and the almighty Fishious Rend, the latter of which comes just in time for the battle against Leon. Couple this with weaknesses to only Dragon and Fairy types, and it should be clear why you should put a Dracovish on your team.

There are other good choices, but these are some of the easier ones to obtain. Hope I helped!

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I mean sword and shield you can sorta control who you encounter because you can see them in the overworld.
Oh, that makes sense.
You can find and catch sizzlipede in Kabu’s gym
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I did a Shield Nuzlocke, and picked Cinderace. Keep in mind that some of the gyms vary between Sword and Shield. It was useful against Hop, Milo, Melony, Piers, and Leon's Aegislash. Pyro Ball is absolutely broken.

Drednaw was the real MVP of my Nuzlocke though. It soloed Allister's gym with Crunch, Kabu's gym with Razor Shell and Rock Tomb, and lived with 22 HP when hit by Leon's Charizard's Max Overgrowth and was able to fire back and OHKO it. It can also learn Ice Fang for Raihan. I was lucky enough to find one with Strong Jaw as an ability.

These are just suggestions based off of my personal experience. Hope I helped!

Thank you for your answer!