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Lets be honest, there are trillions of team combinations and our ability to go through them and figure out which is the "best team" is insufficient. But a computer can! However, it needs an objective way to estimate the value of a team. You could do it by "total stats", you could compare the teams ability to cover a range of types, moves would be very difficult to add into the analysis but maybe. What I want to know is how you objectively estimate the value of two different teams. what assumptions do you make. what stats do you consider.

There's a few things to clear up. First, a short answer to your question:

There is no 'best team'. No technically best, no practically best, nothing. An objectively best team doesn't exist and never will.

Second, in what makes a team good, you don't seem to understand the variables, of which there are many and almost all subjectively based (and the ones that are objectively based can subjectively be applied better). Type synergy exists, but so does offensive synergy. So does momentum. So does team roles like walls and wallbreaking, offensive cleaning,. etc that need to be balanced together. And then there are issues of limited coverage available within movesets and strategy. And THEN there's the whole issue with archetypes. You have offensive, hyper offensive, balanced, balanced defensive, bulky offence, stall, semi-stall, volt-turn, webs, hazard stack and weather variations of all of these. No style is objectively better than any other, and the each composition consists of so many different combinations that what's 'best' changes compared to what it goes against. You could have an awesome team but if it goes against a certain couple of Pokemon, no matter how unlikely, it will lose (assuming players of equal skill in every match using said team which won't happen but you get the point). There is no objectively based archetype, and no objectively best team composition with each archetype. Thus there is no best.

Tl;dr the amount of subjective and archetype-related choices means nothing can ever be objectively best.
^ answer right there.
Right, but there are objective measures such as (base stats and type defense). I have seen sites that give you the base stats and sites that shows you how well your team covers all the different types (weak or strong). But I haven't seen a site that relates base stats to type coverage, for instance suppose your a grass pokemon (assume your using grass moves) and you are fighting a water pokemon, then shoulding your attack power be X2? if thats the case, then by making your base stats relative to the pokemon type your fighting should provide not only what type your team is good at but how well your team is good at fighting/defending against those types. ofcourse the notion of "best" and the subjectivity involved isn't captured here. But do you think that this would be useful information? to have a quick easy sight to tell you your two best pokemon against each type and their relative base stats against those types. Then if you wanted to make a team that is good against (this this and this type). You could condition it to find the seven best teams based on base stats and type coverage. From there you can add your own subjectivity.
Reword your question from 'best team' to 'team with the most coverage/type synergy'. Or just look at the type chart and work it out yourself.

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Its personal preference. If you like the Pokemon, use it.

If you want the best team competitively, don't use the same type for all Pokemon (two Pokemon with the same type max) and use Pokemon in the overused or under used tier (the tiers are uber, overused, underused, rarely used and never used. Look them up for more info)

I don't use the tier but I do use the type thing. I'm not that interested in competitive battling, I do it for fun.

(sorry for the short answer)

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There are several ways to make your "best team". You maybe want to have Pokemon of many types on your team that will help you with the Gyms. You may want to use just the Pokemon you like to use. You maybe want to make your team of just 1 typing. Maybe you want to make a team of trolling Pokemon that put stats on the foe all the time. Maybe you want to make a defensive team and take hits all the time. You could even fill your team with legendary Pokemon and kill everything! (But please don't do that unless you want unlimited cash from the Elite 4.) There is no such thing as a "best team". Every team has its advantages and disadvantage. Don't expect your team to mow everything down in your path, you wont always have the upper hand. No matter how much you sweep, or how good you are at competitive battling, no team will ever be considered the "best team".

I hope this helped!

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There is no "Best Team" in Pokemon, but if you want to build up your Pokemon battle empire, try mixing your team up with legendary and mythical Pokemon that have moves with all different types. Do not focus on one type.

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I would have to mostly agree with ZUBATMAN, picking the perfect team is entirely personal preference.

Pokemon are your friends and companions throughout your journey and the team you find to be the "best" is the team that suits you and your style of battle. While it is true that training multiple types of Pokemon is useful during battle, training your favorite type and mastering all the pros and cons that type has to offer can be just as effective. Working with your team, testing what they can handle and turning their weaknesses into strengths is what makes training you Pokemon worthwhile and fun. Therefore there is a different "best" team for each person. As long as you are having fun with the Pokemon you've bonded with, any team can be the best!