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I would think not but I'm not 100% sure. Confusion isn't one of the major statuses, and as far as I know, other status who are not major (such as infatuation and binding) don't activate guts.
 An interesting thing to note though is that confusion chance went down from 50% to 33%, so it is now harder to recieve confusion damage.
Yes, seeing as confusion is a status condition and Guts activates when affected by a status condition this would activate the ability.

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No, Confusion does not activate Guts. Guts is only triggered by major status conditions — Sleep, Burn, Poison, Toxic Poison, and Paralysis. Confusion is not a major status condition, so it does not activate Guts.

Guts is also not listed on Serebii's list of updated abilites for Sun/Moon, so it can be assumed that there have been no mechanical changes from past games.

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