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In Generation VII, no moves are able to be used outside of battle; instead, several field moves are functionally replaced by Ride Pokémon.

No. Moves that were previously HMs or moves that could be used outside of battle cannot be used outside of battle in Sun and Moon.


That's ridiculous. How sad...
"no moves are able to be used outside of battle"

but sweet scent?

edit: it seems that horde battles are not in su/mo, my mistake. however, are we still able to use moves such as milk drink?
"Prior to Generation VII, Milk Drink can be used outside of battle to take away some HP from the user and restore another party Pokémon's HP." -Bulbapedia's page on Milk Drink
ah so it isn't a thing anymore
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No. Those TMs were replaced with the new ride Pokemon functions.
Surf was replaced by Lapras Paddle and Sharpedo Jet.
Fly was replaced by Charizard Glide.
Strength was replaced by Machamp Shove .
Dig and Teleport have no special ride Pokemon therefore you must only use escape ropes to leave caves.