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Ghost/Water = Normal and Fighting

Technically it's Shedinja, because it can only take Super Effective damage, but that's also probably not what you're asking for.

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I'm pretty sure that the Pokémon with the least weaknesses and most immunities is Spiritomb and Sableye. They are Dark/Ghost types, with 3 immunities (Psychic, Fighting, and Normal), their only weakness is Fairy, and everything else does either not very effective damage or neutral damage.

EDIT: Drifloon/Drifblim also has 3 immunities (Fighting, Normal, Ground). Honedge/Doublade/Aegislash has 3 immunities (Fighting, Normal, Poison), Mimikyu has 3 immunities (Dragon, Fighting, Normal), and Golett/Golurk has 3 immunities as well (Electric, Fighting, Normal).

Source: knowledge + A Geeky Jawa's comment

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Just checked the duel type chart; Flying/Ghost, Ghost/Ground, Ghost Steel and Ghost/Fairy also have 3 no effects.
I can add that in. Thanks!
Doulblade and Jellicent can have 4 if you include items/abilities
Glad I could help :)