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What the heck just happened?

what button was it?
Do you use cheat devices?
Mr. Totodile, I am not sure. Pokemon Guy, I do not use cheat devices. I know for a fact that my game cartridge is not hacked or a fake.
What were you doing in-game at the time?
I was running around in the grass pressing random buttons because I was bored. When I looked into my bag, I had 300 new ultra balls.
Interesting... What game are you playing?
I was playing Black 2, with 8 gym badges.
glitch, maybe?
I don't mean to be rude, but I doubt that this is some sort of glitch. I find it kind of hard to believe that you simply pressed a button and randomly get 300 Ultra Balls. You either have used some sort of cheating device to do this, you bought 300 Ultra Balls, forgot, and later found the Ultra Balls, or somebody else used your game and bought 300 Ultra Balls.
i meant like he had done a glitch on accident by hitting random buttons but didn't know. not that you just hit A button, but maybe some combination?
what route were you on?
did you encounter any wild pokemon? what did you do in the game before that?
No wild Pokemon. I used a repel though... as for the route number, it was route 4. Before that, I had just finished a Pokemon battle with a Pokemon breeder.
i could not find a glitch for this so i do not think it's a glitch. here is the site i used though.
you could use the site as a reference.

for a list of glitches
did you hit up up down down left right left right b a in that order?
I highly doubt the Konami Code gives you 300 Ultra Balls
Also, that's not the Konami Code. The Konami Code is up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A.
i meant it as a joke. . .
Should I hide this question? It is causing a lot of issues...
No, you shouldn't hide it. And how is lots of comments a issue?
I meant that no one could answer it.
It takes patience.
OK then. I won't close it.
I was thinking about this all night, what if it's the console your playing on and not the cartridge?
I have a theory, but it might be incorrect since I have never played B2/W2. It might be that they were treasures you could find and pick up. You know how the Dowsing Machine can detect things like Ultra Balls? Maybe you found them randomly, especially in the grass, pushing random buttons (including A).
No offense, but there's no way there are 300 ultra balls just lying in wait on one route. Heck, I don't even think there are that many hidden ultra balls in the series

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Since this has basically never happened before let's rule out the possibilities.

  • It's not due to a hack
  • Your cartridge is legit

If those are true then the only feasible possibility was that it glitched. It's not that far fetched since you claim that you were running around pressing random buttons and I'm no expert but that looks like it could put a significant amount of strain on your game. Normally that would lead to a damaged game but absurdly, it led to 300 ultra balls.

The other possibility is that you always had 300 ultra balls and had temporary memory loss

There really isn't any other way to answer this question because the conditions are too unclear and we don't know what variables caused the reaction, whether it be the sequence of actions your character commited or the buttons that you pressed. This is about as coherent of a response you will get

I hope I helped and even if I didn't atleast you have ultraballs

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300 Ultra Balls? Whaaattt? The most likely thing that could of happened was that you probably might of pulled of a glitch that nobody knew about, or your game cartridge might of had a little freak out and gave you 300 Ultra Balls. Or, your copy may not be a legit one, and might not of been made very well. Other than those things I have no idea what might of happened. What game were you playing? what button did you press? What did you do before you got the Ultra Balls?

I like both answers and they both seem very likely. Thank you!
read the comments, most of the questions you asked at the end have been answered.
"What game were you playing? what button did you press? What did you do before you got the Ultra Balls?"