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I have a female Charizard and a male Tyranitar that knows Rock Slide, I have tried to breed them several times. Each time they produce a Charmander egg, but without rock slide. Please help

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Based on the information you've given us, this SHOULD be working. Double check that your Tyranitar hasn't forgotten the move at some stage. The only other possibility is a fault of one sort or another (for example, if you're playing a PC rom, it may be corrupt).

Pokemon do occasionally forget moves in day cares.
precisely my thought. If you took it out and put it back without checking it may have been deleted for new moves. Pokémon continue to learn level up moves in the daycare, deleting the oldest move each time, even HM's.
So I had tried previously and it didn't work, and then it did. No idea why it didn't work before. Thank you for your answers. This was in gen 2 by the way, on crystal
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First off, what generation/game are you trying to do this in?
Secondly, as far as I know only generation 4 and below let you transfer Rock Slide as an egg move.
Anything that is gen 5 or above doesn't let you transfer Rock Slide down.
Check the Charmander Pokedex page and scroll down to the moves part, there is a section labeled Egg Moves, all the moves in that section are the moves that you can transfer down to a Pokemon through breeding.
Hope this helps.

It was tagged Crystal.
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because it's not a egg move for charizard or charmander, he can learn it through tm.

OP's post is tagged with Crystal, suggesting he is still playing Gen 2.  At that time, Rock Slide was an Egg Move for Charmander.