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Sorry for being stupid, but in Sun and Moon can you only get 50% zygarde or is there a way to have a 100% without having to go into battle and losing half of its health?


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Zygarde cells can only be assembled into 10% and 50% forms, and it needs to lose half of its HP in battle to become complete form.
Short answer: no

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If you are asking if there is a way to get 100% Zygarde, then Yes, you can. You start your Cell-capturing journey, with the Zygarde Cube given to you by either Dexio (Sun) or Sina (Moon). Then, you get 10 cells to form into Zygarde 10% form. Next, you find 40 more cells to form into Zygarde 50% form, the one we know from Gen 6. Finally, you find the rest until you have successfully found all 100 cells to form into Zygarde 50% form with the Power Construct Ability. You can go to Route 16 at the Aether Base to do this formation. In order to get 100% form, have Zygarde w/Power Construct lose 1/2 half.

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Have you actually done this?
It doesn't stay 100%.
Unless the game can sense me using GTS to get Zygardes and won't let me keep it in 100%.

Also how come my questions don't get answered this quickly?
Bulbapedia says that 100 Zygarde cells becomes a Zygarde 50% with power construct. Your answer is wrong.
Pokegeek, it's often a matter of luck. I have an unanswered question asked November 2016 and I'm not complaining.
I'm sorry, Sumwun, I did not know it had to be totally detailed! I just tried to answer his question as best I can. So stop patronizing me that My answers are WRONG!
I don't know how to tell you this, but I'm pretty sure people ask questions on Pokebase so they can get correct answers. Thus, an answer that's sloppy but correct will usually be preferred over an answer that's wrong but good in every other way.