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It doesn't make sense. Shouldn't it be something like a normal type move?

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Probably because snakes coil up, and most Pokémon that learn Coil are serpentine. A lot of snakes are poisonous as well. I mean, venomous, but there's no Venom type.
it is a status move that affects the user so its typing wouldn't really have much effect anyways, they likely didn't put a lot of thought into it and just went with poison because of snakes being associated with poison

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Gamefreak decided to make it a Poison-type move. Similarly, they originally made Curse a ???-type move, but later changed it to a Ghost-type move. They also made Charm into Normal-type, but, in Gen 6, it became a Fairy-type move.

Anyway, Coil is a more common move for most Poison-types or "snake-like" Pokémon to learn.

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Wasn't Curse ??? type?
That is true Astro.
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Coil is a move that really reminds you of all the snake Pokémon. After all, snakes are serpentine creatures that can coil themselves up like a slinky. And what are snakes known for? Being venomous. Poison Types, are, well, known for being venomous or poisonous. A lot of snake Pokémon can also learn this move, and some snake Pokémon are even Poison-Types! So really, once you think about it, it makes a lot of sense that Coil is a Poison-Type move.

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